Funding pressures felt

What a crazy time we are living in! Your local board is heavily restricted for our funding by the local authorities, which are wrestling with massively diminished income, while at the same time political parties are offering billions to voters! The crazy world of politics!

On the bright side the local board is making great progress on a number of issues. Penlink is now approved and funded, though we are battling to find a way to increase the current two lane option to four lanes and to add northern on and off ramps to the proposed southern ones. The Orewa seawall has finally got its approval, though there currently is no funding for it.

As I'm sure you would all understand, we have to be painfully responsible in our deliberations with regard to our support for our community groups. We know how hard this period is for all of them and we know we cannot allow this financial restriction to prevent our valued organisations from surviving. Not only do we need to do our best to protect those existing programmes but we also need to keep moving forward with new initiatives.

In that regard some of the projects I am currently working on are looking positive and I am hopeful they can be publicly revealed shortly. There are also a number of roading issues I am currently promoting to Auckland Transport with the help of local board Chair Gary Brown. We are 100 percent sure residents of Orewa will be very happy if we can get them added to the already approved projects. Stay tuned.   

On another note, I personally have recently offered whatever assistance I can, both as a potential mentor and also via the local board, to the new Mentoring programme for youths.

This is being instigated by Caitlin Watson and is a joint initiative of Coast Youth Community Trust and Youth In Transition (HM September 16). There are so many of us with valuable life experiences, skills, and understanding ears that could be of tremendous value to members of our youth through their struggles. If you think you may have time and value to offer or even just want to know more about this, please go to www.coastmentoring.nz and check it out.