Tai chi Master in Silverdale

Posted at 10:17am Tuesday 07 May, 2019

The gentle practice of tai chi is being introduced to beginners in Silverdale by an experienced Chinese Master and her teaching assistants.

Not-for-profit organisation Taichi & Wushu Academy Trust began offering classes at Silverdale Hall around six weeks ago, charging only a gold coin donation.

Head coach Master Sufang Miao has more than 30 years experience in teaching tai chi and is a Chinese National Sport Commission national level instructor.

For around seven years, Master Miao has been coaching from a studio in Northcote. The Trust began offering classes in Silverdale after members performed at local libraries for Chinese New Year and did demonstrations at local retirement villages, attracting a lot of interest.

Tai chi is a non-competitive martial art that combines slow movements and stretching with mindfulness.
Health benefits are said to include improved balance, coordination, flexibility and mental focus. The low-impact nature of tai chi means it is suitable for people of all ages.

Teaching assistant Chan Tung-Ying, of Red Beach, says the classes are going well, with 12-15 people aged 40-70 attending.

She says already the beginner students are asking for more classes.

Currently the class is at Silverdale Hall in Silverdale Street every Thursday, 11am-12.30pm.

Info: phone Chan, 021 256 9309.


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