Runaway resident says “thanks”

Posted at 1:00pm Tuesday 04 Jun, 2019

Late last month, Whangateau dementia unit resident David Walker left the premises without advising anyone of where he was going.

As a result, police launched a region-wide appeal for information on his whereabouts.

He was found just over 24 hours later at a friend's house in Mt Albert, with no memory of how he arrived there.

On arriving back at the rest home he wrote the following message to the community: “This is David Walker! I apologise for upsetting the community. It will not happen again. I'm happy to be here getting my life back together.

If you have any spare time, come and say ‘hi'. I'm ex-RNZN.” A Bethany Hills spokesperson says there are no dementia facilities for under 65's, so there is little choice for people in David's position. 

“We are looking in to getting him some further activities or supervised work in the area,” they say. “We hope the community will be understanding about his situation and his absconding.”


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