Year 13 student gets stuck in for road safety

Posted at 1:40pm Tuesday 04 Jun, 2019

Amongst the workload and stresses of being a Year 13 student, Kelsey Beet is committed to spreading the news about the importance of driving responsibly through national group Students Against Dangerous Driving (SADD).

Kelsey joined SADD when she started at Ōrewa College in Year 7, two years after her uncle died in a car accident.

She has been committed to the group ever since, and is currently the head of SADD in her school as well one of 10 national leaders, who attend workshops and events across the country.

Last week, Kelsey helped run Phone Free 48, SADD's latest campaign aiming to prove that if students can go without their phones for 48 hours, all drivers don't need to check theirs until the end of the trip.

She also made several media appearances during Road Safety Week that ran from May 6-12.

This is on top of her usual schoolwork, being a school prefect, her part-time receptionist job, and training with Ōrewa College's premier girls squash team, which she captains, four to five days a week.

Kelsey doesn't think too much about her busy schedule.

“The outcome is more worthwhile than needing more time to do other things,” she says.

“What we are trying to do is create a youth movement, and I think that is more important than the practice assessment I have due tomorrow,” she says.

Kelsey has had to make a few adjustments to make it all work, including taking one of her school subjects by correspondence and dropping another part-time job she had last year.

“There is a point where it gets too hard, but you just have to prioritise what you're passionate about,” she says. “For me, it's helping people and squash, for my younger sister it's dance… we all have our thing.”

Kelsey is now trying to figure out what her next “thing” is, as she decides what to study at university next year.

“There are way too many options. I'm leaning towards something in law or health, but my backup plan is to become a teacher like my Mum.”

SADD is set to establish university groups next year. While Kelsey hasn't decided what she wants to study yet, she says she is more than keen to keep going with SADD at university.

Info: sadd.org.nz


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