Building on Lego’s popularity

Posted at 2:38pm Wednesday 03 Jul, 2019 | By Mackenzie Dyer

The word ‘Lego', is derived from a Danish phrase which means ‘play well' – and it is the combination of imagination, skill and fun to be had from building things out of interlocking blocks and other parts that has ensured its ongoing popularity.

In fact Lego has not only remained popular since it began in Denmark in the 1930s, but has recently attracted even more attention thanks to animated Lego movies and competitive Lego construction programmes on TV.

It seems the time is right, then, for a Lego themed holiday programme for primary school children, which makes its debut on the Hibiscus Coast this month.

The event is hosted by Bricks 4 Kids, a company that runs play-based learning events that focus on STEM subjects: science, technology engineering and mathematics.

After the popularity of Bricks 4 Kidz NZ's first holiday programme in Mairangi Bay last April, the next step was to bring it to the Coast.

Kim Taylor is Bricks 4 Kidz general manager. She says Lego is having a massive resurgence thanks to the new Lego Movie 2 and the Lego Masters Australia show, which was recently on TV.

“If there is as much interest in our holiday programme on the Hibiscus Coast as there was in the last one, this event will just be the beginning,” Kim says.

Each day will have a different theme including ‘space day' for NASA and Star Wars model building, and a carnival day dedicated to creating theme park rides.

Kim says the builds themselves, some of which will include mechanical moving parts, are a step-up from the usual Lego sets people have at home.

“We get in parts from all over the world for these events and have copyrighted models, so unless you have been to one of our events before, you won't have seen these builds anywhere else,” she says.

Each child will be given a kit that is suitable for their age and ability that will include all the bricks they need for their build.

There is a structured learning component to the event as well as creative free play and games, such as a Lego and spoon race.

While this is the first holiday programme locally, Bricks 4 Kidz already host afterschool programmes at primary schools in the area.

Taylor says there is more good news for Lego fans, as a Lego centre is currently being built in Albany, which is due to be completed next month.

“Here we will be able to host events such as classes and birthday parties in a cool, convertible space close to people on the Coast.”

The Lego holiday programme runs from July 8 to 12 in Stanmore Bay.

Info: www.bricks4kidz.co.nz


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