Introducing - The Fade Room

Posted at 1:00pm Monday 15 Jul, 2019

The promise of a rapidly growing and vibrant town with great access once the new Puhoi to Warkworth motorway is complete, persuaded barber John Ibrahim to set up in Warkworth.

John opened The Fade Room in Queen Street about three months ago and was soon joined by his brother, Mustafa. Both are anticipating a bright future for the barber shop.

John says that the brothers' expertise in modern styles and their proficiency with a cut-throat razor means they have much to offer men and boys seeking a cut above the ordinary.

John says the cut-throat razor gives a much cleaner, fresher look than a trimmer and the effect lasts much longer.

The brothers are especially skilled at fade cuts, which consists of a gentle fade from the hair or beard to clean-shaven skin, hence the decision to name their shop The Fade Room.

John says the fade is one of the hardest cuts for a barber to get right.

For the adventurous, the brothers can cut lightning bolts or sculpt dramatic lines into a customers' hair.

But they are equally happy cutting according to more traditional styles – making The Fade Room the perfect place for both young and old.

John says he started cutting hair about five years ago, and has never looked back. He says a barber shop is a nice environment where you can get to know new people and he loves to chat.

“Men come to their barber and say things not even their girlfriends know, and ask for advice,” he says.


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