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Posted at 8:48am Tuesday 06 Aug, 2019

After a successful career in various roles in plumbing and water treatment, Hamish Hoyle is looking to get things pumping again at Wellsford's WaterTech Plus business, which he recently purchased.

Hamish has worked the past four years in the family wastewater business, Waterflow, where he was responsible for operations management, taking projects from when a product was sold through to overseeing ongoing servicing and maintenance.

In that time, he also gained a qualification in drainlaying and is looking to complete his plumbing qualification.

“The more I could learn about what my guys do, the better I could manage them, and it also creates respect from other professionals in the industry,” he says.

WaterTech Plus aims to provide farmers, homeowners and orchards in the area with solutions to all their water pumping and treatment needs as well as a range of plumbing and drainlaying supplies.

Hamish says that education is also part of the service, and it is important to take an interest in the equipment that is keeping water running.

“Often people don't remember how much they rely on their pump until it fails at 4am on a weekend and they've got no water.

“It's great to help our clients understand all the contributing factors that go into specifying a pump when I work through what pump best suits their situation.”

He is also developing a new all-in-one plug and play product where a pump, filtration and pressure tank are combined within a purpose-built weathertight enclosure that provides easy access for maintenance.

“Sometimes we find the pump has been located in a place with difficult access, which can make it costlier to take it apart and repair when required.”

The vision is also to have custom enclosures that match the exterior of the house, so that the enclosures are not an eyesore.

In his spare time, Hamish loves DIY home renovation and has bought his own eight-tonne Kubota excavator to play with on the weekends.

“I have a big family, so there's always something to fix, a kitchen to install or some landscaping to be done when I'm not working on my own house.”


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