Search for historical photos of Orewa underway

Posted at 11:45am Tuesday 14 Jul, 2020

Orewa's business association is looking for historical photos of the area.

Destination Orewa Beach wants to create a pictorial book of the History of Orewa, reflecting the town's growth from a horse and carriage track to the busy seaside suburb of today.

Operations manager Hellen Wilkins says they have contacted many long-time residents and local historical societies but, even so, images are hard to come by.

“We have the entire Orewa Surf Lifesaving Club's history and photos of the skating rink being demolished, but not one image of the rink completed or in use,” she says.

Hellen says while they have located multiple photos of the beach from as early as the 1870s and many aerial shots over the decades, they are looking for photos of the town centre through the ages to show the development that has taken place.

“To make sure we have a good spread of pictures of all aspects of the town, we ideally would like photos of the skating rink, marineland, summer carnivals and other events.”

If anyone has images to share, contact Hellen on 021 412 613. Photos can also be sent to hellen@orewabeach.co.nz


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