Snells Beach lab uses advanced gel to relieve joint pain

Posted at 11:20am Monday 14 Sep, 2020

Dr Alistair Lane discusses the healing properties of Jointment with Alan Raney, who was among the first to trial the product.
Dr Alistair Lane discusses the healing properties of Jointment with Alan Raney, who was among the first to trial the product.

An inventor who developed a revolutionary sunscreen from his Snells Beach garage is about to launch a new product to alleviate joint pain using the same technology.

Dr Alistair Lane developed his CoSkin sunscreen after being gifted the formula for an anhydrous (waterless) gel, which is naturally absorbed into the skin.  

An anhydrous sunscreen will stick to the skin even when swimming, whereas water-based sunscreens will wash off.

Dr Lane was persuaded to consider applying the technology to alleviate joint pain after a staff member at his Snells Beach laboratory pressed him to come up with a product that would help her husband, a retired builder.

Alan Raney suffers from arthritis and joint pain associated with years of physical work.

Dr Lane speculated that the anhydrous gel could be used to help the skin absorb a cocktail of essential oils and other therapeutic ingredients and eliminate pain.

He began to dig into research studies to determine which ingredients would be the most helpful for problem joints.

After about a year of development, he came up with a formula that includes curcumin, menthol, lavender, ginger, frankincense, rosemary, peppermint, juniper and kawakawa – a herb used in traditional Maori medicine.

Dr Lane says clinical studies have shown the ingredients have anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, circulation-improving and pain-relieving qualities. Using anhydrous gel ensures the patient easily takes advantage of these benefits because it is quickly absorbed by the skin  

He adds that a water-based product would not be nearly as effective since human skin is an effective water repellent.

The product comes in the form of a “loose gel” known as “Jointment”, which a user rubs into the affected area.

Volunteers who have trialled the product have given it rave reviews. Among them is Alan Raney.  

Mr Raney, 69, says previously he has sought medical advice and tried various ointments without success. But Jointment has been effective in reducing swelling and alleviating pain.

Mr Raney suffers from arthritis in his hands and his right foot. Since using the product, a finger joint which had seized in his left hand has completely freed up.

He also applies the product to his right foot before going on hour-long walks along the beach. There is some pain when he returns, but he applies the product again and it disappears in about an hour.

Formerly, he could only walk about 15 minutes before being forced to make a slow, painful journey home. He would then need to rest up for the rest of the day and was unable to walk the following day.

Mr Raney can now walk every day without difficulty.    

“I'm impressed because if definitely works,” he says.

Algies Bay resident Phil van der Mespel, 59, is similarly enthusiastic. Mr van der Mespel tiles kitchens and bathrooms and can spend much of the day working on his knees, which were becoming increasingly painful.     

He says after about two weeks of using an early batch of Jointment, the pain completely disappeared and he discountinued using the product. He has now gone more than six months without pain.     

Mr van der Mespel says he is generally cynical about supposed miracle cures but Jointment “has been amazing”.


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