Character canes for the forward thinking

Posted at 1:54pm Tuesday 15 Sep, 2020

Gone are the days when a simple stick would suffice for walking support.

The character cane market now caters to the upwardly-mobile consumer with forward thinking features such as radios and alarms.

Ali Express' outdoors cane has an FM radio and MP3 player for musical entertainment on the go.

Four gigabytes of storage will hold all the golden oldie tunes that a person could want.

It has a 100-decibel alarm that automatically sounds in case of a fall, though could deliver a fright if dropped.

The telescopic collapsible folding cane from wish.com can be carried in a pocket.

It sports a personal safety alarm as well as a bright LED headlight for navigation at night or dazzling potential attackers.

Meanwhile, the multifunction Trekking Pole, also from Wish, can be broken into six lengths that screw together and allow the pole's height to be adjusted.

It comes with multiple screw-in heads for different functions, such as gutting a fish.

There are also hammer and headlamp attachments, different shaped pole bases to cope with changing environments and comes with leather bag.

The Interior Warehouse in Auckland sells a walking stick with a swivelling brass telescope on the head. The 360-degree rotation means a walker need never be caught unaware by their surroundings.


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