Mental health meeting offers hope

Posted at 3:45pm Wednesday 18 Nov, 2020

A free talk will be held this month by two locals who work in the area of mental health support.

The talk is called ‘3 Little Words'. I Am Hope ambassador Mitch Boocock is one of the speakers, but he says I Am Hope is just one of many options for those three little words.

“There's – ‘are you ok?, ‘I love you', ‘I'm not well' and ‘can you help?',” Mitch says. “Those are all words that are so important to be open about, from a mental health point of view.”

Mitch says his talk will be about his personal mental health journey – a process he calls ‘peeling the onion'. By sharing this, he hopes to inform others about what it's like for young people who go through things that affect their mental health.

“Peeling the onion can make you cry, but it shows people how normal it is and gives them tools to help them talk to people affected.”

He says one of the most important things adults can do is validate their kids' opinions and feelings.

“When I was five, adults told me that I didn't fit in, which had a profound effect on me,” Mitch says. “What you say to kids can become their ‘inner critic'.”

As a teenager, and into adulthood, Mitch struggled with depression. He says talking about it is vital.

“People don't say the word ‘suicide', but kids know what it is,” he says. “What they need, is to learn how to reach out for help and how to talk about it. I hope sharing my experiences will make people more comfortable about seeking help.”

Kayleen from SALT will also speak about life balance and resilience.

The talk is suitable for all age groups and all are welcome. It is on Sunday, November 22 at the Salvation Army centre, 32 Greenview Lane, Silverdale, 3pm-4pm.


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