Higher density housing future for Warkworth

Posted at 8:00am Tuesday 23 Feb, 2021

An artists’ render of the new Pulham villas.
An artists' render of the new Pulham villas.

Seven sisters cottages, formerly on Pulham Road.
Seven sisters cottages, formerly on Pulham Road.

Anthony Shaw of Bayleys Warkworth.
Anthony Shaw of Bayleys Warkworth.

A medium density development on Pulham Road, with townhouses and villas, may provide a glimpse into the future of Warkworth.

Bayleys director Mark Macky and agent Anthony Shaw, say that higher density development will become more common as demand rapidly outstrips supply.

The development encompasses 19 new builds on a hectare of land. There will be ten 250 square metre villas as well as five 210 square metre townhouses.

Four houses on the subdivision, with larger plots of land, have already been sold to a mix of investors and owner occupiers.

He says it could be an opportunity for investment rentals or downsizers selling the family home.

Mr Shaw says despite the development being higher density, it will not resemble Millwater.

Although the houses will be built on smaller and more dense sites, they will still be detached from one another and have landscaped gardens.

In order to keep in line with the character of Warkworth, the design of the villas has been modelled on the historic seven sisters limestone worker cottages, formerly on Pulham Road.

There is also a community vegetable garden included in the subdivision design.

Mr Shaw says the same developer may also develop a similar medium density subdivision on McKinney Road with up to 100 houses.

Mr Macky says a bigger contribution to housing supply and investment rentals will come from the Stubbs Farm and Clayden Rise developments, which together will bring 1500 houses onto the market in the next two years.


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